Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Does a Minivan Make Me A Soccer Mom?

We finally bit the bullet...and bought a minivan. How with four kids did I avoid the minivan for so long? We just made due with the Honda Pilot SUV we had.

It had its quirks that's for sure (it was a 14 year old car). The auto locks stopped working about two years ago. At first this annoyed the heck out of me as I furiously tapped the unlock button on the keys forgetting it was broken or maybe subconciously hoping it just fixed itself! Since it wasn't fixing itself and I wasn't about to spend a few hundred dollars to get it fixed the kids and I just implemented a new "system". I'd manually unlock the driver's side door, lift my three year old into the car, who had the new job of climbing over all the seats, and unlocking all the remaining doors. I have to admit the kid got really good at this job. He even knew that if his siblings were not treating him well that day he would purposely unlock their door very SLOWLY while they stood in the snow or rain or wind waiting for a way to escape the elements and jump into the car (little stinker!).

Now this wasn't the only mechanical problem we had but overall this car gave us more bang for our buck over the years - well built and made to last, but it was time to move on to something that fit our growing clan better. So we started test driving all kinds of SUV's and reluctantly the various minivans on the market.

I really love the Honda platform and felt very comfortable with the interior gages and layout. It just felt "Like a Honda", exactly what I had been driving the last ten years.

We have a great Honda dealership here in town that has never been pushy or sneaky (know what I mean?) so we felt comfortable negotiating with them. And yes we bought our first minivan (gulp!). I love the new van but honestly I had to go through a little "transition period".

I kissed the "SUV driving, hip momma" image good-bye and am slowly embracing the new me....the minivan driving me. None of my kids play soccer so I guess I'm not technically a soccer mom, but who exactly am I when I'm behind the wheel? (deep thoughts)

All I ask is that you please be patient with me, especially if you are driving behind me while I practice doing 10mph BELOW the posted speed limit in the LEFT lane - I'm just working on my new minivan driving identity!

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