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10 Awesome Crafts for Teens

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Looking for a great way to bond with your teenage daughter? Why not craft together! Even if you aren't a "crafty" person you and your daughter can make some memorable moments together all while making something awesome together. Start with a simple project the first time to avoid serious frustrations and work your way up to a more difficult project as you improve your crafting skills.

The projects on this list are are cute, fun and easy to create! So let's get started.

10 Amazing Crafts Teen Daughter 

Will Love !!

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1. DIY Glitter Glass Jar

This simple craft from Martha Stewart (who can go wrong with Martha, right?) quickly turns a plain glass jar into something sparkly and beautiful. Color coordinate to match your daughter's room and use as a trinket holder, electric votive candle holder or even a pencil/pen container. This DIY project doesn't require a lot of time or planning and is a great starter project for the craft-challenged mom.

Source: studio diy

2. DIY Conversation Heart Rings

No advanced crafting skills needed to make these adorable rings! It doesn't even have to be Valentine's Day to make these. Wouldn't these rings be a fun afternoon project to make with your daughter. Made using hot glue, heart molds, blank ring bands and some fingernail polish as paint. Let your daughter give them out to her friends or keep them to match yours! 

Find the easy to follow tutorial by visiting Studio DIY.

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3. DIY Yarn Chandelier

A little messy but well worth it to get these colorful chandeliers. You and your teen will have a blast making these. A little glue mixture, balloons and some colorful yarn is basically all you need. 

Visit Hostess With the Mostess for more ideas.

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4. DIY String Art Heart

Here is a craft project that also falls into the simple to make category and turns out looking amazing! There is no right or wrong way to wrap the string around the heart shape and the more lines the better it looks! Not into hearts? How about a monogram letter? You can get lots of great shapes or letters online to use as a stencil for this project. 

Not only would this be a great gift you can work together on (or keep for yourself) but it will give you lots of time to spend with your teen making something to be proud of!

Head over to Green Wedding Shoes to find the list of supplies and tutorial.

Source: hello glow

5. DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

You've probably been hounding your teen to clean her room, right? How about give her some incentive to get rid of those outgrown (or stained) t-shirts shoved in the back of the dresser drawer? Everyone has a spare t-shirt (or 5?) laying around. If not a quick trip to a thrift store will provide you with some colorful tee shirts to use. Get out the scissors and start cutting strips to braid together to make these bracelets. You could make them using your teen's school colors or favorite team too!

Visit Hello Glow for the tutorial and other fun craft ideas and inspiration.
6. DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are amazing - drop them in the bath and they look like you are swimming in a painting! The swirling colors are absolutely celestial and relaxing. A little pre-planning to make sure you have all your supplies handy makes this craft super fun for your teen (and you!). They make great gifts too (think birthday, or Christmas). 
Source: craft by photo

7. DIY Firefly Lamp

Is your teen into upcycling? I know mine loves to find new uses for old things (trash to treasure, right?). Raid the Dollar Store for some mini twinkle lights or get the LED lights here to use with this craft or click image below to find these battery operated LED twinkle lights.

A big empty coffee can or smaller size tin cans are all you need along with a drill to make holes. Don't have a drill? No worries, a hammer and a big nail will punch holes just as easy through the sides of a tin can. Here is a quick trick if you are going to use the hammer and nail - fill your empty tin can almost to the top with water, stick it in the freezer overnight and then when you are ready to make this lamp pound the nails through the tin into the ice. The ice inside will prevent your can from denting! Check out the photo tutorial for this craft on Craft by Photo.

Source: running with sisters

8. DIY Barefoot Beaded Sandals

Teen girls love to accessorize! These barefoot beaded sandals are sure to be a hit with your teen girl. An afternoon creating these together is a great way to make a lasting memory with your teen. Running With Sisters has the complete tutorial and supply list ready for you to follow. 

Find the Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord for this project here on Amazon. 

I found these beautiful glass beads that would be perfect for this project here:

Source: buzzfeed

9. DIY Marbled Stationery

Help your teen make her own custom stationery by following this simple and easy tutorial on Buzzfeed. Order a packet of blank cards and envelops like this: 

And get crafting! Mixing colors and swirling patterns into the shaving cream make the results of the stationery endless. 

Source: ben franklin crafts monroe

10. DIY Melted Crayon Art

Ever wonder what to do with all those broken or dull crayons you have been keeping in a box? We have this HUGE bucket of crayon pieces that I just can't seem to throw away - never know when you might need that little chunk of color right? This crayon art project is just the thing to do with all of those crayons! The tutorial and pictures of other inspiring projects can be found on the Ben Franklin Crafts Monroe site. If you don't have a hot glue gun or heat gun you can find them here:

heat gun
glue gun

Crafting with your teen is a great way to make some lasting memories with your daughter.

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