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10 Easy Popsicle Recipes You WIll Love

Popsicles are the number one requested treat my kids beg for on a hot summer day. I have to admit I love them too!

Just the other day my sons and three of their buddies were over playing outside. After an active game of basketball I asked it anyone wanted a Popsicle - their hands shot up so fast you think they were hailing a cab. After they each had picked out their favorite flavor I grabbed one for myself. The boys' friends stared at me amazed that an adult would want to enjoy a "kid's" treat. 

I don't really have a favorite flavor - I like them all. Since we go through so many Popsicles throughout the summer the same old flavors can get a little boring to my kids so I thought it might be fun to try some new flavors and make them ourselves. 

Years ago when I was a kid my mom had this great Tupperware Popsicle mold that she would pour in some Kool Aid, freeze and make our own Popsicles. I loved the "stick" that came with her set - it was just a plastic stick with a small lip just above where you held on so that the melted Popsicle juice would drip into it instead of on your hand. When you were all done eating the Popsicle you could sip up the juice that was left behind. 

I found a similar Popsicle mold to try at home but I have to say there are WAY more options now a days than there used to be! If you're old school and love wooden sticks in your Popsicles here is the gadget for you:

I've gathered some great Popsicle recipes to share with you so you can have just as much fun experimenting with different flavors beyond the four main flavors you get in a box from the store (cherry, grape, orange, lime). Have fun and enjoy making some cool summer treats!

via: a moms take

These Sour Worm Popsicles are so fruity and flavorful they will be an instant hit with the whole block!

#2 - Pink Lemonade Popsicles

via: jojotastic
A refreshing and light treat for those really hot summer days!

#3 - Natural Mango Popsicles

via: homemadeinterest
No sugar added - can't beat that right?!!

#4 - Orange Creamsicles

via: belly full
A mixture of creamy ingredients (yogurt & ice cream) plus orange juice and honey frozen together to make a wonderful summer treat.

This Lekue Popsicle molds are fabulous for making homemade Popsicles.

#5 -  Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Popsicles 

via: marshas baking addiction
Minty goodness meets homemade magic shell! Yum.

via: happy healthy mama
Just 3 ingredients to make this dairy free (and vegan) treat. 

Looking for a plastic free (bpa free) Popsicle mold? Here is a great option - stainless steel:

#7 - Blueberries & Cream Popsicle

via: a simple pantry

A very simple (4 ingredients folks!) recipe with amazing results. Don't they just look decadent?

via: rachel cooks
The word FUN is in this recipe so of course it is a no-brainer and should be made, eaten and repeated many times over!

These were made using the reusable Ozera Popsicle molds

#9 - Raspberry Popsicles

via: premeditated leftovers
The fresh raspberries make this such an inviting treat to eat in the summer.

via: poofy cheeks

My kids love Jello - so this will be a hit at our house!

Not interested in Popsicle mold but still need some sticks to make the homemade treat? How about these chunky wood sticks that you could stick into paper cups to make your own Popsicles!

Stay cool this summer and enjoy a good homemade Popsicle! 

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