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8 Tips to Help You Plan The Ultimate Family Staycation

Family staycations are the new way to vacation! Depending on the season of life you and your family are in, an out of state vacation might seem like more work than it is worth.  Why not consider a family staycation instead? 

Does the thought of cramming your family into a tiny hotel room for a week of vacation seem more like torture than restful? Planning a kid-friendly vacation that can accommodate nap times, picky eaters, bedtime routines, hot sticky weather, crabby family members all on a tight budget can be a near impossible task.  

As parents we want to give our children the gift of a fun-filled vacation but if an out-of-town vacation isn't in the budget and seems way too overwhelming why not consider a staycation instead!

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8 Tips to Help Plan The Ultimate Family Staycation

A family staycation embraces all the fun and restfulness of a vacation from the comforts of your own home. Check out our list of ways to make your staycation the best family vacation ever!

1. Create Family Staycation Guidelines

As a family spend some time discussing your expectations for your staycation. Everyone has different opinions of what "relaxing" is so make sure to discuss what expectations are before the staycation so everyone can enjoy their at-home vacation. For example, what chores must get done during the week and which ones can be skipped? Will it be a social-media free week? Will you allow friends or family to visit during your staycation?

2. Come Up With A Plan

click HERE for free printable planner

You might not be booking hotels, rental cars or flights but having a plan in place will help this staycation feel like a real vacation. What local attractions, restaurants, activities or nature preserves do you want to visit? 

Depending on the season of your staycation look for opportunities to try something new like a great new sledding spot in the winter or a backyard bonfire. 

If you don't have a plan it will be really easy to slip back into your regular routine which won't make this time feel like a true vacation. No need to create a plan of your own from scratch - use this great FREE printable staycation planner from the blog instead. 

3. Create A Budget

click HERE for free staycation budget planner

If the budget is tight having a plan in place before your staycation begins can help you keep your spending in order. Planning out what places or activities your family is going to do before hand gives you time to find deals, coupons and even free events everyone will enjoy without blowing your budget. 

Research which museums and events are free or what times and days they offer discounts.  Download a FREE staycation budget planner from blog today!

4. Have A Meal Plan

Don't forget to plan which meals you will be eating out and which ones you will eat at home. The cost of eating out can be more expensive than you think so stick to your budget and enjoy preparing a meal or two together as a family at home. Keep it simple and put your crockpot or instant pot to work for you so the meal is ready when everyone is hungry! 

Use this amazing meal planner from Sunny Day Family that includes everything you need to plan out a week of recipes for snacks and meals so you can stay within your budget!

5. Let Loose A Little

It's a vacation right! Why not get a little crazy and kick the rules to the side for a few days? All day pajama party, face painting party in the kitchen or spa day in the bathroom isn't something you do everyday but on a vacation the sky's the limit. When you are on vacation everything is a little more relaxed and fun so make sure to let down your hair a little and enjoy your staycation!

6. Pick Your Family Splurge Item

There is always something on every vacation that everyone looks forward to so why not have one special "splurge" item on your staycation too! It doesn't have to be extravagant to make it special. A walk on the beach collecting seashells or tickets to a local sport event or even a special family dinner can all be considered a special splurge. Remember vacations are about making great family memories, so make some great ones!

7.  Plan Some Local Day Trips

Your staycation doesn't have to all be done in the comforts of your own home. There are plenty of local attractions around that are within a tank of gas if you look for them. Plan a few day trips to places you love or haven't visited before, pack a cooler and hit the road for the day. The best part is you get to sleep in your own bed each night! 

8. Vacation Attitude

Remember this is a vacation so make sure your attitude is set to vacation mode! As a parent it is easy to reply to a quick email from work or return a phone call to your boss, but remember you wouldn't be doing this if you were out of state lying on the beach somewhere would you? So don't do it on your staycation either! Commit to a vacation and to relaxing and truly unplug from the daily grind. Your family will thank you!

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Delicious No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Energy Snack Bites

Our family is always on the go which is why I am constantly on the lookout for homemade, healthy, easy to make, budget friendly snacks to bring along with us.

Even better is when I have all of the ingredients on hand in my cupboard!

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These delicious no-bake oatmeal peanut butter energy bites meet all of the above requirements. I can't believe how easy the are to make! 

And guess kids love them too!! Win - win.

I know there are a lot of great energy bites/ball recipes out there but this one has a special secret ingredient the other recipes don't have. It is a total flavor boosting game changer, my friends. I came up with it by chance when I was just a bit short handed on one of the ingredients and I was blown away at the difference it made. 

Want to know what my secret ingredient is.......flavored instant oatmeal! Surprised?

My favorite is maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal. All you need is one small packet added with the rest of the ingredients and the flavor just explodes! 

Go grab a large mixing bowl, a spatula or wooden spoon and lets get mixing shall we?

Delicious No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Energy Bites

1 1/2 cups oatmeal 
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup maple syrup

Optional add-ins:
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup dried cranberries, cherries or raisins

1. In a small microwave safe bowl, melt the peanut butter for 30 seconds so it is easy to mix.

2. In a large bowl mix all the remaining ingredients including the melted peanut butter together. 

3. Scoop out a heaping tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into a ball. (To keep the mixture from sticking to your hands, lightly wet you hands with water). Repeat with the remaining mixture making about 16-20 energy balls depending on size.

4. Place the energy balls onto a parchment lined baking sheet and put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Store the peanut butter snack bites in a sealed tupperware container in the fridge. Trust me though, they won't last long! 

This yummy snack is perfect for on the go families! Why fill up those little tummies with junk food when they can eat a few energy bites, feel full and you can know that they are getting a healthy snack. These little bites even satisfy your sweet tooth cravings too!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Fun Textured Watercolor Art Project For Kids

Kids will love these easy to make textured watercolor paintings using watercolor paints and paper. Not only is this process art fun to make but the finished painting looks super cool!

For our first day back to school after a long Christmas break I really wanted to incorporate a fun art project into our day. Doing art with your children is fun, inspiring and educational. The project we did was a perfect transition activity that I used to break up our school day at regular intervals. 

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The focus of our art project was on texture and color as they made an abstract piece of art. This project was a process piece since it wasn't complete after their first attempt and it fit in perfect with our first day back to school! 

My kids LOVED this art project and so did I. It is the perfect project for kids of all ages too. Let me tell you how we made our fun textured watercolor paintings so your kids can make their own at home too.

Fun Textured Watercolor Art Project For Kids

Before you start gather up the following supplies to create your artwork!

Supplies For This Project:

water color paints
paint brushes
white construction paper
container for water

Directions to Make Textured Watercolor Art

1.  Cut the white construction paper into smaller pieces. It is easiest to fold the paper in half then in half again and cut out the four pieces along the fold lines.

2.  Next crumple up one piece of paper into a ball (this was my children's favorite part!)

3.  Leaving the papers crumpled into a ball select one color of paint and paint all around the crumpled paper ball. Let it dry while still crumpled up.

4.  Once the paint is dry carefully unfold the paper and press it down gently. 

5.  Crumple the paper back into a ball, select a different color and again paint the outside of the ball.

Repeat these steps one more time with a third color! Keep going layering color after color until you are happy with your painting.

We ended up doing three colors for our paintings but feel free to do more! After the paper is completely dry unfold the paper and gently press it open. Set a heavy object like a stack of books on top of the paper and let it sit overnight to really flatten the paper. 

Ideas For Using Your Finished Watercolor Paintings

These beautiful pieces of finished art can be used for many things like little note cards, cute garland if you cut them into shapes and attach them to a string, a collage by attaching them to a big piece of poster board or just leave them as they are and frame them. 

Find all kinds of fun activities for kids in our ebook available on Kindle HERE

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Scrap Fabric Rag Wreath Ornament Tutorial

Hello friends! I've got a really easy and cute fabric strip rag wreath ornament tutorial to share with you today. This is the perfect DIY project to make with kids because it requires very little skill, doesn't cost much to make and is a lot of fun. 

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First cut your fabric into strips 9" long pieces. I stacked mine on top of each other and used my rotary cutter on my self healing mat to cut them into 1" wide strips. 

Fold one strip of fabric in half matching long end to opposite long end. Place your hoop over the folded fabric strip so the fold is sticking out under the hoop. Open the fold slightly, then take the two long ends of the fabric strip and wrap them over the top of the hoop and tuck them through the loop side of the fabric. Pull the fabric tight (looks like a single knot). Follow the picture below if you are confused!

Continue looping and knotting the fabric strips around the hoop until the hoop is completely covered with knotted fabric strips. 

I like to iron the rag strips flat after I'm done tying them on (this is an optional step however I think it makes the wreath look fuller). Trim the strips around the wreath so they are all the same length. 

Tie on the ribbon so you can hang your new rag wreath ornament! Then get busy making a few more!


Wreaths are the perfect decoration anytime of year. Use different colored fabric strips for other holidays 
  • red & pink for Valentine's Day
  • orange & black for Halloween
  • red, white & blue for 4th of July, Memorial Day & Veteran's Day
Instead of using them as ornaments you could string them up and make a beautiful garland. Wouldn't a white and cream tulle make a beautiful Bridal Shower or Wedding decoration for a gift table? The options are endless! Just let your imagination go wild. 

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Check out this other fun & easy to make Clothes Pin Wreath Tutorial I put together! Again, you could make this for any occasion - just mix up the colors!

click here to

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Easy DIY Clothespin Wreath Holiday Ornament Tutorial

Here at my house we are in full Christmas crafting mode. Glue, glitter, scissors and paper are regularly scattered over the table while we craft our little hearts out. 

Holiday themed crafts are some of my favorites and every year I'm always on the hunt for the perfect new craft project to try. The catch is that the craft must be multi-age friendly so that the younger ones in the group can participate and the older kids enjoy it too. We host a big craft party with our friends from Bible study each year with 25+ kids whose ages range from 6 to 18.

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Last year we made 3-D wood (and cardboard) Christmas trees which were so much fun. You can find the full tutorial and pattern for the tree HERE.

This year I found another great multi-age friendly Christmas craft to do with our Bible study friends! We are going to make clothes pin wreath ornaments! I'm so excited for this craft since it is super simple, budget friendly and great for a group to do together. 

Before our big craft day arrived I whipped up a clothespin wreath ornament of my own to show the kids and hopefully inspire their imaginations! Follow along to see how it is done so you can make your own too!

Easy Christmas Clothespin Wreath Ornament Step-By-Step Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Stiff Cardboard (5"x5")
20-25 Wooden Spring Loaded Clothespins
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brushes
Ribbon 8" long
Holiday Flowers or Jingle Bells (optional)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Let's get started making our clothes pin wreath ornament, shall we? 

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1 - To begin we will make the base for the wreath. Cut the cardboard square into a circle measuring 4 inches in diameter. Then cut a 2 inch diameter circle out from the center of the circle. You will be left with a shape like the letter "O". 

Once the cardboard is cut out it is time to paint it. Small parts of the cardboard will show between the clothes pins so you can choose to use a paint color that either "pops" or is neutral and blends in with the colors you will be painting your clothes pins.

Tip - give each crafter a paper plate to do all of their painting on so that your table and other items don't get full of paint. Also, if you are hosting a large group have the children keep their clothespins on their plate so they don't get mixed up or lost! 

2 - While the cardboard base is drying it is time to start painting the clothespins. Let your imagination lead the way here! Paint the flat side of each of the clothespins in whatever pattern or color you want. Since this is for Christmas you might want to do a red/green alternating pattern or even add a few silver or gold clothespins to give it a little sparkle. Other ideas might be to paint holiday characters like an angel, gingerbread, Santa or even a green Grinch on your clothes pins. 

Again, imagination and creativity is encouraged here!

Make sure you let your painted clothespins dry completely before assembling your wreath ornament. After the paint is dry start clipping the clothes pins close together around the cardboard base. Make adjustments as necessary until the entire base is filled.

3 - To finish your ornament twist the ribbon in a loop between two clothespins and add a dab of hot glue to the cardboard base then press the ribbon into the glue until it is dry. Now you're ready to hang it on the tree!

How did your finished clothespin wreath ornaments turn out? What colors did you paint your clothespins? Please share your finished projects with me in the comments. I hope you and your children loved making them as much as we did.

Clothespin Wreath Ornaments Make Great Homemade Gifts!

Wouldn't Grandma and Grandpa love getting a homemade clothes pin wreath ornament from their beloved grandchildren? Make a bunch to give to all of your family members as gifts this Christmas!

This is the fourth year I've hosted the kids from our Bible study over to make Christmas themed crafts. Curious to see what we've crafted over the years? These are all fun projects that won't drain your budget and work great for any size group. 

click HERE to read more

to read more click HERE

The key to hosting a group for a craft party is planning and prepping it all ahead of time. Not only is it less chaotic but you as the host have more time to enjoy your guests and help them with their craft. 

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Easy DIY Bath Bombs With Custom Flavor Recipes

DIY bath bombs are a ton of fun to make and are a fabulous homemade gift idea! Because they are quite simple to make, are fairly forgiving when it comes to measuring the ingredients and can be shaped into almost any form you have available they are a great project to do with your kids.

Did you know that you can make custom scented bath bombs too? There are endless scent combinations you can use to truly make your bath bombs one of a kind. Customize your bath bomb scents and give them as gifts for celebrations like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Valentine's Day and many more special occasions. They truly make the perfect gift for those you and your kids care about! Keep the simple ingredients handy so you are ready at a moment's notice to whip up a batch for gifting to a last minute party or just to surprise your child with at bath time!

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I remember the first time my kids got their own bath bomb. A small box from an out of state aunt and uncle arrived a few days post Christmas and they were so excited to open this belated gift. They tore it open and stood looking confused at the big colorful set of 4 bath bombs. At the time they didn't know what they were so I had to explain that they made your bath all fizzy and scented as they dissolved in the water.

Of course the kids insisted that they needed baths at that exact moment so we ran up to the bathroom and filled the tub! They were pretty little at the time and we often called the bath our pool so they all threw on their swim suits and jumped into the tub together. Needless to say the bath bombs were a BIG hit! The kids loved holding the bath bombs just under the water to feel them bubble and dissolve. The bathroom smelled AMAZING too! The biggest surprise for all of us was the little toy hidden inside each bath bomb! Since then my children have all loved bath bombs and love getting and giving them as gifts!

Ready to make your own bath bombs to give as gifts this year? Gather the following ingredients and follow the step by step instructions below!

Easy DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Dry Ingredients

Mix The Dry Ingredients
In a large stainless steel or glass bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients together. If you are going to make multi colored bath bombs, divide the dry mix into two or three separate bowls and add different color pigment to each bowl (this step is optional).

Mix The Wet Ingredients
Melt the coconut oil in a small microwavable bowl or over a double boiler. In another stainless steel or glass bowl mix the wet ingredients together including the melted coconut oil, water and essential oils. (For custom flavor scents see the recipe options below)

Combine Wet & Dry Ingredients
Start by SLOWLY adding the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix all the ingredients together until they are the consistency of wet sand and won't crumble. Depending on the climate where you live you may want to use the spray bottle to spray the water over the mixture evenly. The amount of water may vary slightly depending on the humidity of your area.

Shape & Mold The Bath Bombs
Lightly spray the non-stick spray on the inside of whatever molds you are using to ensure the bath bombs don't stick to the mold. Fill each mold completely packing the mixture in until the mold you are using is slightly overflowing. 

If you are making a multi colored bath bomb you will want to fill the mold with the desired colors and continue packing the ingredients into the mold until it is completely full. If using the ball shaped molds fill each half them press the halves together firmly. 

Allow the mold to sit for 2 minutes then gently tap the mold and slowly pull the halves apart to remove the bath bomb. The bombs will be fragile so be careful when separating the halves! 

Set your bath bombs somewhere where they will be left alone to dry for 24-48 hours. 

Packaging Your Bath Bombs
Are you giving your bath bombs as gifts? In this case you will want to wrap them in clear cello sheets and tie them closed with string or ribbon. Don't forget to add these FREE printable Christmas gift tags from! All you have to do is print these cute gift tags onto card stock, punch a hole at the top and tie them to your gifts. 

Click HERE to find the free gift tag printable.
DIY Holiday Scented Bath Bomb Recipes Image Map
click HERE to get free printable Gift Tags

* has all sorts of great fragrances for both men and women! Make sure to check out this site when you are looking for perfumes, fragrances and many other great scented products.

8 Holiday Essential Oil Flavor Scent Recipes 

Here are 8 great custom holiday flavor scent recipes you can mix and use in your bath bombs this winter or holiday season.

* remember these are NOT edible! They may smell yummy but they will not be good for your tummy! Please supervise children when using bath bombs to make sure they don't eat them.

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The Secret To Reducing Stress During The Busy Christmas Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching! Are you ready or do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the upcoming busy holiday activities such as shopping, baking, holiday parties and decorating that can easily fill up your calendar? An overly stuffed calendar can easily create a stressful holiday season for you and your family. 

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So what can you do about it? Don't worry I have the perfect solution for you so your holiday stress is reduced and your holiday cheer can shine through!

What is my secret to a stress free holiday? 

A Holiday Plan

Having a holiday plan in place before the season starts is key! If you've never had a plan for the holidays it isn't too late to start one now. You are probably wondering where to begin and what a holiday plan looks like. Don't panic the perfect plan is just waiting for you and includes EVERYTHING you need to make this holiday the best for you and your family. 

Sunny Day Family has done all the hard work for you by putting together a Printable Christmas Planner that includes 140 planning pages including:

  • Blank Monthly Calendar
  • To Do Lists
  • Budget
  • Activity & Acts of Kindness Planners
  • Christmas Card Planner
  • Wish List, Gift Giving Planners, Shopping List, & Online Shopping Tracker
  • Gift Tags
  • Letters to Santa
  • Decorating Plan & Project Planner
  • Party Planning Sheets
  • Menu Planner, Baking Planner, & Grocery List
  • Recipe Cards
  • Baking Labels for Gift Giving

Seriously, I don't think there is a single thing missing from this planner. All you have to do is print off the pages that apply to your needs, fill them out and begin enjoying the benefits of being organized this holiday season.

I'm always worried I forgot to get someone a gift, or I forgot to write down a Christmas party on my calendar, or heaven forbid, I left someone off my Christmas card list! Not this year, my friend because this year my Christmas planner will be parked on my counter in sight so I can add and check off my to-do's as I complete them. 

What stresses you out most during the holidays? Follow me so you don't miss any more tips and tricks to help you survive the holidays! 

Fun Group Games To Play At Your Next Holiday Party

Quite often during the holiday season I end up hosting a party at our house. I love hosting family or friends for the holidays and I do my best to come up with some fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Since there is usually a big age range to my guests it can be challenging to find games and activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy playing together. Over the years I've found a few fun activities that are super fun that I want to share with you. Here are my top 3 Group Games you can play at your next holiday party:

1 - The Name Game

Difficulty: Easy | # of Players: 6+ | Time to Play: 10-30 minutes per round

This game requires very few supplies and is super simple to play. All that is needed are small slips of paper and a pencil for each person. Select one person from the group to be the "reader". This person selects one of the following categories for the first round of play: person, food or city in North America (as you begin to play this game you can come up with your own categories to add). 

For explanation purposes let's assume the Reader selects the category "Name". 

The rest of the players write down a name on their slip of paper, fold it and give it to the Reader who collects all players papers. Examples for the Name category could include, but not limited to: Dolly Parton, Spiderman, Mom, or even Peppa Pig - the options are endless! The reader unfolds the slips of paper and reads all the names written on them to the rest of the group twice. 

The person to the right of the reader starts the first round by asking one of the other player if they wrote "Spiderman" (select a name from the list read aloud). 

**The reader is not allowed to re-read or remind the rest of the players the names that were written on the slips of paper. 

If the player who was asked if they wrote "Spiderman" on their slip of paper did write it on their paper then that player joins the player that just asked them and they become a team. The player asking continues asking other players until they get a guess wrong. Play then passes to the next person to their right. 

The goal is to get as many players on your team by guessing the correct names each player wrote on their slip of paper. The game ends when one player has successfully guessed all players names correctly and has all players on their team. 

To begin the next round of play, select a new player to be the Reader. 

2 - Christmas Music Bingo

Difficulty: Easy | # of Players: 2-8 | Time to Play: 10-15 minutes per round

via: Sunny Day Family

With 3 fun ways to play this simple game it is sure to be a hit at your next gathering - or even in the car as you travel over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house! To play this game you will need these printable Christmas Bingo Set that includes 8 Bingo cards and 24 clues (on 2 pages). The clue cards are cut out, shuffled and placed in a pile face down. Each player needs their  own Bingo card and something to mark with (Christmas candy, holiday stamps or even stickers would work). 

Select which of the 3 ways you will play first. Here is how each are played:

  • Name That Tune - the bingo caller chooses a card and reads only the lyric at the top of the card. The rest of the players need to identify the name of the song and mark their card accordingly. First player with five in a row wins (if they got them right!).

  • Match The Title - super easy way to play by reading the song title instead of the lyrics. First player to get 5 in a row wins the BINGO round.

  • Listen and Play - perfect version to play at parties or on a road trip! Use your Amazon Music Unlimited to queue up some Christmas tunes and mark each song as you hear it. First player with 5 in a row wins! This is a great way to pass time in the car on a long road trip. 

3 - Name That Shape

Difficulty: Easy | # of Players: 10+ | Time to Play: 10-15 minutes per round

Prior to playing this game the host should prepare by drawing a different shape on 10-15 separate pieces of paper or 3 x 5 cards. The shapes should be somewhat simple like these: heart, flower, sunshine, sailboat, smiley face, house, a hand, a bird, star, football.  Divide your group into teams of 5 players. Each team should line up five people deep all facing forward. Each team should be given a pad of paper and pencil that is placed at the front of the line for each team. 

Play begins when the host selects one of the papers with a shape to show the last person in line of each of the teams. After the last player in each team has seen the shape they try to draw this shape on the back of the teammate in front of them. The person drawing has 2 tries to draw the shape before the person being drawn on must now draw that same shape on the person in front of them. 

The drawing continues until the person at the front of the line has had the shape drawn on their back. The player at the front of the line then has to draw the shape on paper and show their team what they drew. The team with a shape closest to the original drawing wins a point. 

To start the next round the person in the front of the line now shifts to the end of the line and gets to see the next shape card selected by the host. 

Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas

Now that you are organized and ready to hit the holidays head on you will have plenty of time and energy to play these fun games with your family and friends at your next group party!

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