Friday, March 9, 2018

Best Collection of Super Cute Easter Baskets
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Tradition was a big deal in my family growing up, especially holiday traditions. Easter was no exception!

Being the oldest child in my family, my mom gave me her wooden Easter basket she used as a child. I'm not a very sentimental person but this basket is just precious to me! It even has her name written on the bottom of the basket in crayon - something I'm sure she did to make sure her other 5 siblings knew whose basket this belonged to!

The basket has a solid wood bottom with rows of weaved basket fibers in tan and dark purple around it. The handles are wooden and attached with bent nails to the basket frame (I'm sure this is a "fix" my grandpa made to the basket years ago!)

I used this basket every year and my parents had a tradition of hiding our baskets somewhere in the house for us kids to find on Easter morning. They kept up this tradition well into my college years!

Now that I have my own kids we have tweaked our Easter tradition but we still love including the baskets in our celebration. Instead of hiding their baskets I hide plastic eggs throughout our house - in Michigan you can never be to sure if the weather will allow for an outside Easter egg hunt.

Each hidden egg has a Bible verse reference inside. Once all the eggs are found we gather together as a family and the kids begin looking up each verse in their Bible and reading it out loud.

Once we are done reading I fill their baskets with candy and small gifts to remind them of the gift Jesus gave to us by dying on the cross to pay for our sin and His resurrection. I love this tradition and so do my kids!

I found a wonderful collection of beautiful and unique Easter baskets I just had to share with you. There is a variety of baskets appropriate a variety of ages as well as some great table scape baskets!

I'd love to hear what your Easter traditions are and if you have a special Easter basket - share below in the comments!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Free Ebook - 24 Mixed Drink Cocktail Recipes Ebook

Cold, Smooth & Tasty: 24 Cocktail Recipes

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

10 Totally Cool & Modest Swimsuits for Your Teen Girl

Swimsuits are so complicated! The choices are endless but finding the right one for your own preteen / teen daughter brings on a whole new level of difficulty when you are trying to protect her modesty and still find something "cool".

cool and modest swimsuits for girls

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A few years ago our family was at a local public beach enjoying the hot sun, playing in the sand, swimming and people watching. The beach was packed so people watching was easy to do! My girls, tired from swimming came and sat next to me on our big beach blanket to enjoy some people watching with me. My tween daughter noticed a group of young women (probably in their late teens early 20's) a little ways down from us on the beach. Discreetly she pointed them out to me to see. 

One of the girls in the group was wearing a thong bikini, something my kids have had no prior exposure to or even knew what a thong was. My tween daughter leans over to me and says "Mom, that is the worst wedgie I have ever seen! I keep waiting for that girl to pick it out!" 

I couldn't help but laugh at her comment and then laugh even harder when I explained that this was a thong and she said "you mean she is wearing that wedgie on purpose!" 

Each year it has gotten harder and harder to find cool, stylish and MODEST swimwear for my tween & teen girls. My girls, thank goodness, have determined their own level of comfort and modesty without much prompting on my part, but finding the perfect and fashionable suit is always challenging!

Spring break is just around the corner so I thought I'd share with you 10 swimsuits I found that are both cool and modest for teen girls. 

1.Embroidered One-Piece Swim Suit


2. Black Lace-Yoke Halter One-Piece

3. Land's End High-neck Tankini Top

found at Land's End

4. MIKOH SWIMWEAR Lowers Rash Guard 

found at: saks fifth avenue

5. J. Crew Lace-up one-piece in bold stripe

found at: J. Crew
6.L.L. Bean Active Swim Collection, Racerback Tankini Top 

found at: L.L. Bean
7. Speedo Diamond Ombre Ultraback Women's Swimsuits 

found at: Zappos
8. stinson beach one-piece swimsuit
found at: Kate Spade

9. Next Girls Spectrum Palm Tankini Set

found at: swimspot

10. Purple, Hot Rose Pink & Black Skinny X-Strap Swim Suit

found at: zulily

Obviously there are many, many more options but hopefully this will get you started as you begin shopping for the perfect suit for your teen (tween) girl!

Where do you shop for your teen daughter when it comes to swim suits? Share in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to Make a FREE Custom Etsy Shop Banner

DIY Free Custom Etsy Shop Banner Tutorial

One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. I taught myself how to sew while I was pregnant with my first child. I was in my third trimester of the pregnancy and my belly had grown so big I was in need of some new maternity pants. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on new maternity clothes so I dusted off the "green anchor" (a.k.a. all metal HEAVY 1960's Singer Sewing machine), queued up some YouTube videos and learned how to use that bad boy machine! My first pair of pants had two left legs - rookie mistake. I fell in love with fabrics of all kinds and loved how a few hours time could produce such practical and useful items.

With baby on the brain I focused my attention on making stuff for the baby - bibs, blankets, burp clothes, itty bitty booties, toys! I was really cranking out the sewed stuff. My husband, after digging through a pile of bibs and car seat covers asked what I was going to do with all of these things. I had given away many items as gifts to friends and family who had babies, were expecting babies or knew someone who was having a baby. I was all out of people to give things to.

Then I had a "light bulb" moment - Etsy!! I could sell my handmade goodies on Etsy. So I once again plunked myself down to watch a bunch of videos to learn all I could about Etsy - and man is there a lot to learn! I have used my Etsy shop profits over the years to pay for some of our home school supplies and towards more fabric (did I mention how much I love fabric?).

custom free etsy shop banner tutorial

Besides having great pictures of the goods you are selling in your shop, which I am still working on, a consistent professional shop banner is a must.

What exactly is a shop banner you ask - well think of it as your shop's sign similar to the signs a brick and mortar store has out front of their building. It is a tool you can use to create your brand. I've tweaked my shop banner over the years, using pictures of my handmade items or graphics in an effort to keep the shop looking modern and professional. Just recently I decided to re-do my shop banner once again but this time my goal was to have my shop banner and shop icon cohesive. By the way the shop icon is the smaller size picture or graphic located under your shop banner. I thought I would share with you how I made my latest Etsy shop banner so you can make one for your shop too!

My favorite tool to edit pictures or create graphics is Canva's basic functions are free and in my opinion they offer a lot of options within their "free" package for a basic user to use. already has pre-formatted templates to use for a variety of things like a blog banner, ebook cover, facebook event cover and for our purposes today an Etsy shop banner & Etsy shop icon!! These templates are already sized to fit perfectly with the program you are designing them for. You don't need to find out the proper width x height for your banner - Canva has already done this with the template.

After signing into Canva (or after you sign up) the first step is to click on the green rectangle on the left side of the screen that says: CREATE A DESIGN. This will provide you with a ton of options as I mentioned some of them earlier. Scroll down to the Social Media & Email Headers section and you should find the Etsy Shop Cover design. Click on it and it will open a new tab in your browser (I use Chrome).

Along the left side of the screen there will be a listing of Canva layouts. These are premade layout templates that fit the exact size you will need to make an Etsy shop banner. From the list there will be a mix of free layouts and ones you have to pay for if you select them. The free layout templates say "free" in the lower right hand corner of the template. In my opinion Canva offers a large variety of free pre-made templates that you can modify a million different ways to fit your needs. Click on the one you like and it will appear one the right side of your screen in the working/editing section of the web page. From this area you can select practically anything on the precreated graphic to modify like color, font, size of font, move the graphics/text around on the template. I love playing around with this to find the perfect look.

Along the left side of the screen are additional options you can use to customize your template layout. These options include: Elements, Text, Background and Uploads.

Elements are free photos, grids, frame, shape, line, illustration, icons, charts and I 💓Canva. In my recent Etsy shop banner I used the shape option to add a custom shape to my banner that looks like a wavy circle. I layered 3 or 4 of these same shapes on top of each other changing their color and size to make it look like a custom graphic.

Text option contains a bunch of free pre-made examples where you can customize what they say but use the combo of font/font sizes for your banner. You can also make your own by selecting one of the top three options (Add Heading, Add Subheading and Add a little bit of body text).

Background gives you the option to add a texture or patterned background to your pre-made template. The color choices are endless here and the patterns can really inspire your creativity!

Lastly, the Uploads option allows you to upload your own image (picture or graphic) and use it in your design. Once you upload an image you can click on it and then within the working/editing section you can change the size and edit the picture.

Hang in there you are almost done! All that is left is for you to save your work. Along the top right side of the screen is a Download button that you click and Canva gives you options as to how you want to save your graphic .jpg, .png or pdf. I usually select .jpg, save it to my computer and then open my Etsy shop up in my browser.

Once in your Etsy shop open up the shop manager and click on the pencil icon next to your Etsy shop which is found along the left column towards the bottom. This will open up your shop for editing sections such as your shop icon, profile, banner and other editable sections. Clicking on the small camera icon under your current shop banner will get you to the editing options. Since I downloaded my custom template from Canva to my computer I select the file from my computer and save my work. Etsy lets you preview your shop (how it will look to the public) before keeping your edits.

Congrats! you are done making a custom (and free) Etsy shop banner. Whew, that wasn't too hard now was it?

Here is what my new Etsy shop banner looks like:

quality handmade items

Stop by my shop, Sapucha, and tell me what you think - oh and if you need something for a baby I'd be happy to make something custom just for you!

Speaking of babies! Here is a very cute collection I put together of various baby items or nursery decor just for baby! (affiliate link - this means that if you click on one of the pics below I will receive some compensation. To learn more click here for my disclaimer page.)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Scary Story for Halloween - DRACULA by Bram Stoker

I love to incorporate stories and reading into our holiday celebrations. Halloween is just around the corner and I have the perfect classic book to recommend to you: Dracula!

I'm sure you have seen all sorts of Dracula movies because there are like a million different spoofs done with Dracula. But have you actually read the classic story told by Bram Stoker? When I finally did I as hooked!

Bram Stoker uses a unique style of writing to craft this story called epistolary writing, which is a fancy way of saying the story is told through a bunch of letters, diary entries or even newspaper clippings. The story flows so well as you read these personal letters between the characters you forget you are reading a novel. As the letters unfold and the events of the encounter with Dracula build, you the reader are sucked in (pun intended), craving to know what happens next.

Let me just say it is a hard book to put down!

This is definitely not a book for young children to read but it would be appropriate for an older teen to read.

Download  Dracula by Bram Stoker and start reading now!! This version, found on Amazon includes a fascinating short biography of Bram Stoker

Friday, August 18, 2017

Five Awesome Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids

Hey, have you heard there is going to be a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017?

What is a total solar eclipse you ask - let me explain.  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes in between the earth and the sun causing a shadow of the moon to fall on certain portions of the earth. Here is a link to a great video you and your kids can watch to learn more about the solar eclipse:

What a great opportunity to teach and experience something astronomical all at once! My kids love crafts and I think the crafts below help reinforce the concepts taught in the video and they are just plain fun to do.

Here are some great craft ideas all about the solar eclipse you can do with your kids:

1 - Solar Eclipse Chalk Art

Requires minimal supplies and is simple enough for young children to participate in. Find complete instructions and a list of materials at Books and Giggles.

2 - Solar Eclipse Pin Hole Camera

Stay safe and still enjoy the sun's stellar shows by creating your very own pinhole camera. It's easy! All the instructions and pictures showing a step by step process can be found here : JPL NASA

3 - Solar Eclipse Coffee Filter Craft

Here is a great craft to do with your kids to teach them about the solar eclipse. For the complete tutorial check out this site - Look We're Learning.

4 - Solar and Lunar Eclipse Model

Recreating a model of the solar (and lunar) eclipse for your kids to touch, play with and just experiment with will help your kids understand what an eclipse is and how it works. Follow the pictures at Arvin Gupta Toys to make your own.

5 - Solar Eclipse Cookies

Sun shaped cookie cutter and a circle cookie cutter along with some frosting and sugar cookie dough make for a sweet and educational solar eclipse. Need a great sugar cookie recipe? My favorite recipe for sugar cookies can be found at Sallys Baking Addiction

If you get a chance to step outside on the day of the eclipse please make sure you tell your kids how dangerous it is to look directly at the sun. Keep those little (and grown up ) eyes protected properly.

Friday, July 21, 2017

10 Awesome Crafts for Teens

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Looking for a great way to bond with your teenage daughter? Why not craft together! Even if you aren't a "crafty" person you and your daughter can make some memorable moments together all while making something awesome together. Start with a simple project the first time to avoid serious frustrations and work your way up to a more difficult project as you improve your crafting skills.

The projects on this list are are cute, fun and easy to create! So let's get started.

10 Amazing Crafts Teen Daughter 

Will Love !!

Source: something turquoise

1. DIY Glitter Glass Jar

This simple craft from Martha Stewart (who can go wrong with Martha, right?) quickly turns a plain glass jar into something sparkly and beautiful. Color coordinate to match your daughter's room and use as a trinket holder, electric votive candle holder or even a pencil/pen container. This DIY project doesn't require a lot of time or planning and is a great starter project for the craft-challenged mom.

Source: studio diy

2. DIY Conversation Heart Rings

No advanced crafting skills needed to make these adorable rings! It doesn't even have to be Valentine's Day to make these. Wouldn't these rings be a fun afternoon project to make with your daughter. Made using hot glue, heart molds, blank ring bands and some fingernail polish as paint. Let your daughter give them out to her friends or keep them to match yours! 

Find the easy to follow tutorial by visiting Studio DIY.

Source: hwtm

3. DIY Yarn Chandelier

A little messy but well worth it to get these colorful chandeliers. You and your teen will have a blast making these. A little glue mixture, balloons and some colorful yarn is basically all you need. 

Visit Hostess With the Mostess for more ideas.

Source: green wedding shoes

4. DIY String Art Heart

Here is a craft project that also falls into the simple to make category and turns out looking amazing! There is no right or wrong way to wrap the string around the heart shape and the more lines the better it looks! Not into hearts? How about a monogram letter? You can get lots of great shapes or letters online to use as a stencil for this project. 

Not only would this be a great gift you can work together on (or keep for yourself) but it will give you lots of time to spend with your teen making something to be proud of!

Head over to Green Wedding Shoes to find the list of supplies and tutorial.

Source: hello glow

5. DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

You've probably been hounding your teen to clean her room, right? How about give her some incentive to get rid of those outgrown (or stained) t-shirts shoved in the back of the dresser drawer? Everyone has a spare t-shirt (or 5?) laying around. If not a quick trip to a thrift store will provide you with some colorful tee shirts to use. Get out the scissors and start cutting strips to braid together to make these bracelets. You could make them using your teen's school colors or favorite team too!

Visit Hello Glow for the tutorial and other fun craft ideas and inspiration.
6. DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are amazing - drop them in the bath and they look like you are swimming in a painting! The swirling colors are absolutely celestial and relaxing. A little pre-planning to make sure you have all your supplies handy makes this craft super fun for your teen (and you!). They make great gifts too (think birthday, or Christmas). 
Source: craft by photo

7. DIY Firefly Lamp

Is your teen into upcycling? I know mine loves to find new uses for old things (trash to treasure, right?). Raid the Dollar Store for some mini twinkle lights or get the LED lights here to use with this craft or click image below to find these battery operated LED twinkle lights.

A big empty coffee can or smaller size tin cans are all you need along with a drill to make holes. Don't have a drill? No worries, a hammer and a big nail will punch holes just as easy through the sides of a tin can. Here is a quick trick if you are going to use the hammer and nail - fill your empty tin can almost to the top with water, stick it in the freezer overnight and then when you are ready to make this lamp pound the nails through the tin into the ice. The ice inside will prevent your can from denting! Check out the photo tutorial for this craft on Craft by Photo.

Source: running with sisters

8. DIY Barefoot Beaded Sandals

Teen girls love to accessorize! These barefoot beaded sandals are sure to be a hit with your teen girl. An afternoon creating these together is a great way to make a lasting memory with your teen. Running With Sisters has the complete tutorial and supply list ready for you to follow. 

Find the Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord for this project here on Amazon. 

I found these beautiful glass beads that would be perfect for this project here:

Source: buzzfeed

9. DIY Marbled Stationery

Help your teen make her own custom stationery by following this simple and easy tutorial on Buzzfeed. Order a packet of blank cards and envelops like this: 

And get crafting! Mixing colors and swirling patterns into the shaving cream make the results of the stationery endless. 

Source: ben franklin crafts monroe

10. DIY Melted Crayon Art

Ever wonder what to do with all those broken or dull crayons you have been keeping in a box? We have this HUGE bucket of crayon pieces that I just can't seem to throw away - never know when you might need that little chunk of color right? This crayon art project is just the thing to do with all of those crayons! The tutorial and pictures of other inspiring projects can be found on the Ben Franklin Crafts Monroe site. If you don't have a hot glue gun or heat gun you can find them here:

heat gun
glue gun

Crafting with your teen is a great way to make some lasting memories with your daughter.

Looking for some more great crafts for kids or teens? I published Secret Garden Crafts, 10 Nature Inspired Crafts  available on Kindle - get your copy today (and please don't forget to leave a review!)