Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Easy DIY - How To Make Fabric Yarn Drink Coasters

Recently, I was looking for birthday gift ideas for my sister that would be useful, unique, and look cool. I really wanted to make her something but I wasn't sure what, so I started searching on Pinterest looking for inspiration. My search led me to fabric yarn/twine coasters and I knew this would make the perfect gift!

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I've made regular fabric coasters before, check out this tutorial, but this time I was looking for a "twist" (pun intended) to the common fabric coaster. I found the answer to my coaster dilemma with these easy-to-make fabric yarn coasters. 

I love fabric coasters because they can be customized, are washable, and are fairly inexpensive (if you make them yourself). 

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What is Fabric Yarn

What is fabric yarn or fabric twine and where do you get it? Fabric yarn isn't actually yarn like the skeins of yarn you can buy in the store, instead, it's made from long skinny strips of fabric twisted together into any length you need. It is a great way to use up leftover scraps of fabric since you can add shorter lengths of fabrics together to make a long strand of fabric yarn. Fabric yarn is also customizable too because you control the colors of the yarn by using different colors of fabric.

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How To Make Fabric Twine Drink Coasters

Using fabric yarn to make drink coasters is an easy sewing project for beginners and can be done as a no-sew option too if you don't know how to sew. 

Now that you have some fabric yarn it is time to make a coaster!

Supplies Needed:

* Optional: hot glue & hot glue gun (for the no-sew version)

Fabric Twine Drink Coaster Tutorial

1 - Take one end of the fabric twine and start to coil it into a small circle using a pin to hold it together. Set your sewing machine to the largest zig zag stitch setting so that the thread will catch both sides of the fabric twine. 

tip - use a heavy-duty sewing needle like a denim/jeans needle to help prevent your needle from breaking as you sew through the thicker fabric twine. 

2 - Place the small coil on the machine, insert the sewing needle into the center of the coil, and slowly start sewing the twine into a flat circle. Continue wrapping the twine around the circle as you slowly stitch it together. 

3 - When your coaster is to the size you want it cut the fabric twine and tuck the ends underneath the circle stitching over the cut ends a few times to secure them. 

Optional No-Sew Method 

Instead of sewing the twine into a circle, you can use a hot glue gun and hot glue to secure the edges of the fabric twine as you wrap it into a circle. When your coaster reaches the size you want, cut the twine then tuck the ends under the twine and secure them with more hot glue. 

Fabric coasters make a great gift for any occasion like a housewarming gift, birthday present, or Christmas gift. There are so many creative ways to use fabric twine besides making it into a drink coaster. 

I'd love to hear from you and what you made with your fabric twine! Please leave me a comment or follow me on Facebook to share your finished project with me!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Easy Homemade Cool Whip Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

Cool whip ice cream sandwiches taste just as delicious as a real ice cream sandwich but without the extra calories! If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings while trying to maintain your healthy lifestyle these treats are sure to please. 

Keep reading for the secret ingredient I used to make these treats even yummier! 

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I love an easy-to-make dessert recipe that I know will be a big hit with my family. These cool whip frozen sandwiches won't disappoint! When I make them for my family I have to fend off the hungry children so these treats have some time to chill in the freezer before being devoured by my dessert-loving crew!

Besides the cool whip, the co-star in this treat is graham crackers. Did you know that graham crackers come in a variety of different flavors? Of course, everyone is familiar with the traditional honey graham cracker flavor, but did you know they come in cinnamon and chocolate too? 

All three flavors are amazing and it is really hard to pick which one is my favorite. I highly recommend that you try these different flavors when you make these ice cream treats.

How To Customize Your Ice Cream Sandwich

Because these are homemade you can customize your cool whip ice cream sandwiches to fit your taste. Here are some great ideas to add to your dessert:

These extra toppings can either be folded into the cool whip or you can roll the edges of the sandwiches into the toppings too. 

For this recipe and I made two different batches of these delicious treats with a slight variation to each to fit my family's taste. One batch contained the secret ingredient I'm about to share with you!

The Secret Ingredient Revealed

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a large box full of products from the Paradise Fruit Company to try. Paradise Fruit Company makes an assortment of ready-to-be-used sweetened real fruit. When you think of sweetened fruit you probably think about the traditional fruit cakes people make during the holidays but let me tell you there are way more uses for sweetened fruit than just fruit cake! With a huge variety to choose from like tropical pineapple, ginger, lemon peel, fruit cake mix, orange, cherry, and lime the recipe possibilities are endless. 

This post was written in partnership with Paradise Fruit Co. I received Paradise Fruit Co. products free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.  

Make sure to check out my Ultimate Chocolate Cherry No-Bake Cookie recipe and my Cinnamon Orange Granola recipe to see how I used some of the other sweetened fruit products from Paradise Fruit Co.

For this ice cream sandwich recipe, the secret ingredient I used was the cherry pineapple sweetened fruit mix from Paradise Fruit Co.! After dicing the pieces extra small (per my own personal preference) I just sprinkled the fruit onto the cool whip before adding the top graham cracker. 

To be honest my kids were pretty skeptical about this secret ingredient and so was I! But I remembered how well fruit and cool whip go together so I thought this had to be a delicious combination. And guess what? I was RIGHT! Everyone loved the cool whip frozen sandwiches with the secret ingredient best. 

Homemade Cool Whip Ice Cream Sandwiches


  • 1 graham cracker sheet

  • cool whip

  • chocolate chips (optional)

Optional Add-Ins / Toppings

  • sprinkles 

  • diced sweetened fruit 

  • chocolate chips 

  • chopped nuts

  • mini M & M's

  • mini chocolate chips


  1. Break one graham cracker sheet in half to make two squares

  2. Add a large dollop, about 3 Tbsp. of cool whip onto one graham cracker square. 

  3. Sprinkle any add-ins over the cool whip then place the second graham cracker square on top of it.

  4. Roll the edges of the sandwich in the toppings to coat the side of the sandwich.

  5. Freeze for 1-2 hours until the cool whip is firm.

  6. Melt chocolate then drizzle over the top of the frozen sandwich

Click here for the printable version of this recipe! 

How To Store Cool Whip Frozen Sandwiches

Store your treats in an air-tight container in the freezer so they are ready for you and your family to snack on as a treat any time! 

These cool-whip ice cream sandwiches are made with a few simple ingredients - things you probably have on hand already. Are you ready to make a homemade cool whip ice cream sandwich today? 

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

How To Hydro-Dip Pencils With Nail Polish

Looking for a way to add a little bling to your school supplies? Hydro-dipped pencils are the perfect way to add some color to your school day and bring a smile to your face! This is a fun craft anyone can make that’s budget-friendly and easy to do. This would be a great craft project to do with friends at your next sleepover party! 

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One of my teen daughters did this craft project with me and we had a blast! She wanted the paint to look chunky and colorful on her dipped pencils whereas I went for the marbled look.

Both styles turned out cool and we had a great time just spending time together.

How To Hydro-Dip Pencils With Nail Polish

The key to a successful nail polish hydro-dipped pencil is to have all your supplies ready before you dip the pencils.

Supply List 

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1 - Fill the disposable plastic container with hot water about an inch from the top. I used a large disposable foam coffee cup for this part. 

Step 2 - Pick out 3 or 4 different nail polish colors, remove the bottles' tops, and set them aside. Place the styrofoam cups upside down on your covered work surface and poke 2-3 holes through the bottom of each cup. The styrofoam cups will be used to hold the pencils while they are drying.

Step 3 - Stir the hot water then quickly pour a few drops of each color of nail polish into the hot water. The drops will swirl around since the water is moving. Hold your pencil at a slight angle then dip it lead side first into the nail polish. Twist the pencil a little then pull it out of the water.

Slide the pencils, eraser side first, into a hole in the upside-down styrofoam cup so that it can dry.

Step 4 - Once the nail polish is completely dry brush a topcoat layer of Modge podge over the polish to seal it and to prevent the colors from rubbing off as you use it.

Tip - before you pour out the hot water take a paper towel and drag it across the top of the water to catch any excess nail polish. I don't recommend putting nail polish down the sink!

Making these nail polish hydro-dipped pencils is so much fun! I love that the final product is useful too. You could give these hydro-dipped pencils as holiday gifts even:

  • red, pink & white for Valentine's Day,
  • red, green, and gold for Christmas
  • orange, black, and yellow for Halloween
  • pastel colors for Easter
  • varied shades of green for St. Patrick's Day
  • multi-color for a birthday party

If you need some more easy & fun craft project ideas check out these other great tutorials:

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

9 Essential Items to Pack In A Babysitter Bag

Finding a good babysitter can be difficult. You want someone you can trust but also someone your kids like and are willing to play and engage with them.  Good babysitters are hard to come by these days!

If you have a young teen at home looking for a way to make some money, babysitting is a great way for them to earn some cash. Becoming a good babysitter will take some practice and with your help, they will soon become that amazing babysitter everyone calls to hire! 

What Is A Mommy's Helper

When my daughters were approaching babysitting age (about 12-13 years old), I wanted them to get some supervised hands-on experience taking care of younger kids who were not their siblings. One way for them to do this was to be a Mommy's Helper. 

A Mommy's helper is a "tween"/young teen who helps take care of someone's children while the mom is home. The mom benefits from extra hands to help entertain her kids so she can get something done and the teen gets guided supervision from the mom on caring for children. 

Typically a Mommy's helper is not paid or not paid very much but more than likely after your teen is well trained the family he or she has been helping will hire them in the future for a full-paid babysitting gig! 

It is also highly recommended that your babysitter in training attend a first aid and CPR class as well as a babysitter safety class if available in your area. If this opportunity is not available in your area, it is a good idea to talk through some possible emergency situations your teen might encounter when babysitting. 

Situations like choking, burns, scrapes, and cuts as well as allergic reactions are a few areas I suggest you help your teen learn about before they start babysitting.  

What Is A Babysitter Bag 

Babysitting was one of my favorite jobs as a teen. I was a regular sitter for several different families and had the opportunity to even travel out of town as a babysitter for one family. Early on in my babysitting career, I came up with a valuable tool I used that helped me every time I had a babysitting job. That tool was my babysitter bag! 

What is a babysitter bag you ask? It is a bag full of games, crafts, activities, and other fun ideas I packed and brought along to my babysitting gigs. I always tried to change out the items in my bag on a regular basis so that the kids were surprised every time I babysat them. Not only did my babysitter bag help me pass the time quickly but the kids looked forward to playing with whatever I had packed. 

A babysitter bag takes a little forethought and planning but I've got a great list of ideas for you and your teen to use. 

9 Essential Items To Pack In Your Babysitter Bag

As you help your teen pack their babysitter bag make sure to take the age of the kids they will be babysitting into consideration. Small little toys are not the best idea for young children however baby toys probably won't go over well with older children.  For infants up to age 2, it is best to use the toys they have at home since they tend to put everything in their mouth at this age anyway.

Here are 9 great ideas to get you and your teen inspired!

1 - Storybooks  

Pack a few of your favorite childhood picture books into your babysitter bag to share with the kids you are watching. If you don't have any it might be a good idea to stop at your local library and pick up a few to bring along. Here are some favorites you could look for:

2 - Coloring books & fun-shaped crayons 

A new coloring book is always fun for kids especially if they get to use cool-shaped crayons. Pick up a few coloring books at your local Dollar Store, or Walmart or you could print off a few free coloring page printables online. 

Crayons can be made in a variety of different shapes other than the traditional shape. I like to make my own from old broken crayons! If you have never done it before it is a lot of fun! Check out this tutorial on How To Make Heart-Shaped Crayons.  

If you don't have time to make your own, order a few from Amazon. 

(If you aren't an Amazon Prime member yet, sign up today!)

3 - Board Games & Puzzles  

Everyone loves to play a new game or put together a new puzzle so pack a game or puzzle you love to play and teach it to the kids you're babysitting. Again, if you don't have any board games to bring along check with your local library to see if they offer games to check out. 

Here are some fun games you could bring along:

4 - Stuffed Animals  

Bringing several of your own stuffed animals to a babysitting gig is a great way to break the ice if this is a new family your teen is babysitting. 

Most kids love stuffed animals and will enjoy an opportunity to play with the new stuffed animals a babysitter brings with them. 

There are so many fun games and activities kids can play using stuffed animals too! While babysitting you can create a zoo, play veterinarian, hide one stuffed animal and play the "hot and cold" game where the person who hid the toy says "hot" when the seeker gets closer to the hiding location. 

5 - Crafts

Kids of all ages enjoy making crafts. This is a great activity if your teen is babysitting several kids of a variety of ages because crafts can be modified to fit abilities most of the time. Here are some simple crafts to bring along on a babysitting job:

6 - Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages! Not only are they fun but it is a great activity to get kids outside if you plan to do a nature scavenger hunt. There are tons of free printables available so make sure to print a few off before heading to your babysitting job! Here are two free printables I created to get you started that I'm sure you and the kids you are babysitting will love!

7 - Costumes / Props

Kids have BIG imaginations and a fun way to pass the time while babysitting is to play with dress-ups! Pack some fun dress-up accessories like feather boas, fancy purses, gloves, hats, and costume jewelry for the kids to play with. 

Old prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses, men's ties, colorful vests, suit coats, or sports jerseys all make for fun dress-up costumes. A quick trip to your local thrift shop is a great place to find some fun dress-up pieces at a very reasonable price. 

8 - Ingredients to Make a Treat 

Helping in the kitchen is a great activity for kids especially when you are babysitting. Making a special treat with a babysitter while mom and dad are gone is a fun and memorable activity. It doesn't have to be a difficult and complex recipe but rather something simple that allows the kids to be the helpers and get involved in making something tasty. 

Make sure if your teen brings along something that needs to be baked that you instruct them on how to properly and safely use an oven! Here are some simple treat ideas to bring along in your babysitter bag:

  • Rice Krispie treats (gluten-free)
  • No-bake chocolate-covered graham crackers 
  • pre-made sugar cookie dough & frosting- let the kids roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, bake then frost
  • Ice cream in a bag 

9 - Flashlights 

Playing with flashlights isn't an activity most kids get to do on a regular basis which is why it is so much fun to do when a babysitter comes over. There are so many fun games to play with flashlights you will not run out of activities to do with kids anytime soon! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hide and seek - everyone hides and the "seeker" uses a flashlight to shine on the people they find.
  • Flashlight freeze tag - the person who is "it" must tag the others with the light beam from a flashlight to freeze them. Those who are not "it" can use their flashlight beams to unfreeze those who are frozen.
  • "I spy" - One person finds an object in the room and gives a clue as to what they "spy/see" the rest of the players shine their flashlights on different objects as they guess what the person "spies

Planning ahead and helping your teen prepare for an upcoming babysitting job is the best way for them to have a successful experience. Not only will the children they are caring for have a great time but I'm sure your teen will too! 

A Must-Have Babysitter Information Sheet

In addition to having a well-stocked babysitter bag, it is important that your teen babysitter have all the necessary contact information, emergency numbers, home address, and special instructions for the kids they are watching readily available. I created this handy free babysitter information printable for your teen to take along with them to their next babysitting job. 

If there was an emergency your teen will have all the information they need to handle a difficult situation like allergy information, contact numbers, and even the home address where they are babysitting. Not only is it a useful tool but the parents he or she is babysitting for will love the peace of mind it brings them when they are away from their children. Make sure to click on the link to get this free printable or Pin it for later! 

The Babysitter Information Sheet 

What are you waiting for? Help your teen pack their babysitter bag today so they are ready for a great babysitting experience! 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

How To Make Colorful Layered Salt Jar Art

Sand art jars have been popular for a long time. Layers of various colored sand fill up the jar to create a beautiful piece of art. 

Have you ever wanted to make your own jar of sand art? Colored sand is expensive and sometimes hard to find but did you know you can use a budget-friendly alternative - SALT - to make your own colorful jar of sand art? 

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This craft activity is fun for all ages! You can enjoy this activity outside during summer break, inside for a staycation activity, with friends for a birthday party craft, or even during a family fun night.

How To Make Colorful Layered Salt Jar Art

Follow these simple steps in order to make your own beautiful jar of colored salt art. Here are the supplies you will need to make this craft:


Easy Step-By-Step Salt Art Tutorial

Step 1 - Pour ½ cup of salt into a resealable plastic bag. Add 3 - 4 drops of food coloring or watercolor paint to the bag then seal it. Gently squish the bag to mix the food coloring into the salt. Then shake the bag until the color is fully distributed into the salt.

Make sure you don't add too many drops of liquid food coloring - you don't want the salt to get wet. If the salt appears too wet add a few teaspoons of additional salt to the Ziploc bag, and shake it gently so that the new salt can absorb some of the extra liquid.

Tip: we experimented with both food coloring and liquid watercolor paint. The food coloring tended to create wetter salt than the watercolor however the overall color was more vibrant. Both watercolors and food coloring work for this project so use what you have on hand!

Repeat this process for each color you need for your salt art jar. Feel free to mix a few colors together to make new colors and shades.

Step 2 - Insert the funnel into the glass jar then pour a small amount of colored salt into the funnel to make the first layer in the jar. You can tip the jar slightly to create angled layers of colored salt.

Continue layering the colored salt into the jar until the jar is completely full. Put the lid on the jar and secure it tightly.

Make sure not to shake the jar with colored salt otherwise the layers will disappear.

Use a variety of different-shaped glass jars to create a collection of colorful art jars. These beautiful salt art jars look great displayed on a bookshelf or even on your bathroom counter as a cool decoration

Fill up a clear empty plastic ornament to make a custom Christmas gift this year too! The ideas are endless!

More Crafts and Activities

See how to make colored pasta noodles to use for crafts! This is another fun activity your kids will enjoy. Not only is this activity fun but you can totally use it to teach colors, counting, sorting, basic math skills, art, and science! 

Splatter painting is an easy, fun, and exciting activity for kids of all ages! Encourage your child (of any age) to mix colors and use different tools to make splatters to make their one-of-a-kind piece of art.