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10 Awesome DIY Photo Gifts for Father's Day

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Homemade gifts aren't just a treat for moms - dads also love getting these one of a kids creations from their kids too!

I find that if I provide my kids with a little inspiration, supplies and some encouragement they can come up with the most amazing homemade gifts. Father's Day is no exception!

Quite a few years ago, when we had 3 kids I had our kids each made one letter of the word DAD on a big piece of paper. The each colored the huge letter in or made designs all over it. After they were done I took each of their pictures separately holding their "letter". I printed of the photos and put them in a three way frame that we gave to my husband for father's day. He loved it!

My kids love having their pictures taken and especially if they know it is going to become a gift for their dad. This year I've been working hard at finding some new inspiration for the upcoming Father's Day gift ideas for them to do. I thought I'd share the ideas I've found so far to help you with your Father's Day photo gifts.

10 Awesome DIY Photo  Gifts for Father's Day

#1 - Superhero's are all the rage right now so why not give your favorite superhero, your DAD, a superhero photo collage for Father's Day. The link above provides a great step by step tutorial on how to create the sign to go along with the cute pics. 

via: homestories A to Z

#2 - Mason Jar Vase Photo Frame - Here is a super simple, budget friendly and totally adorable Father's Day gift you and your children can make together.

via: life your way

#3 - Photo Key Chain - Here is a great way to let your dad show off pictures of his kids while he is out and about (work, gym, church, etc.) Personalized key chain with kids pics is a great gift idea for dads this Father's Day! The link below the picture will take you to a great blog with a detailed tutorial for the key chain photo project.

via: all parenting

#4 - Wood Block Photo Cube - Simple project that can be completed in an afternoon. Dad can display his photo cube at the office, next to his bed or anywhere he wants to show off his kids smiling faces.

via: elementary art fun

#5 - Photo Trophy - Show dad who is number one by creating a one of a kind trophy with a photo glued to the middle of the cup. A great tutorial can be found here.

via: eighteen 25

#6 - Popsicle Stick Photo Frame - Let your creativity lead the way as you decorate Popsicle sticks with paint or washi tape (whatever you have on hand will work!).

via: tempojunto

#7 - Sidewalk Chalk Photo Prop - Sky is the limit for this photo creation. Chalk and a clear section of cement are all you need to make a really amazing picture for dad. Write a special message or draw his favorite things to include in your picture.

via: sweetgrace 

#8 - Personalized LOVE Picture - Grab four sheets of blank white paper, write each letter to the word LOVE on one piece of paper (make it BIG). Then pose the kid(s) holding each letter individually or as a group. To unify the picture turn it into black and white so the letters stand out.

#9 - Scrabble Tile Picture Frame - All it takes is a shadow box frame, a good photo and Scrabble tiles to spell out your message.

via: come together kids

#10 - Photo Bookmark - Silly poses caught on film start this project off on the right foot. After the pictures are printed and cut out around the child make sure to laminate them, hole punch a small circle at the top and attach a ribbon or tassel. For Fathers who love to read this is the perfect photo gift!

There are so many simple and affordable ways to celebrate Dad this Father's Day! I hope you enjoy creating that one of a kind gift for the special Dad/Grandfathers in your life.

How do you make your dad feel special for Father's Day? I would love to see your ideas and finished photo projects - post a picture or comment here to share.

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