Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Kids

by mommysuburbia.blogspot.com

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Summer vacation is finally here! Schedules are more relaxed, days seem longer and the fun seems endless. Well, that is until you hear the first exasperated "I'm BORED" spew forth from one of the kids.

AAHHH! Bored, really? Isn't this the same child who was just complaining and asking how much longer before school is done? Wasn't that only 3 days ago?

OK, mom let go of the clump of hair you are about to pull out from your head and take a deep breath! Boredom is a good thing, an inspiring moment for little Sally to start really digging deep to find out what she wants to get out of her summer break, right? Let her just stew a little in this boredom - it will bear good fruit!

Remember mom you are not an entertainment director (or maid, or waitress, or gofer), you are not responsible for providing the entertainment 24/7 for these school free kiddos. Your job is to help inspire these kids so that they can create their own inventions, adventures and summer fun.

Sometimes the best way to inspire your kids is to sit down with them and create a summer "Bucket List" - a list of ideas that they help come up with of things they want to do or accomplish during their summer break. Allowing the kids to come up with the ideas is empowering for them and allows the child to have a say in what they want to do. This list can also be a source of boredom busting for you mom - just whip out this list when you see the first signs of the "I'm BORED" beginning to surface on your child's face.

If you have never created a list like this before here is the Ultimate Summer Bucket List you can use as inspiration for creating your own list with your kids.

I'd love to hear what is on your summer bucket list - leave a comment with your great bucket list ideas! 


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