Monday, March 20, 2017

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your House in Top Shape

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Happy 1st Day of Spring! (meteorologically speaking) For me, the start of spring always gives me a little extra energy knowing that warmer days and more sunshine is just around the corner! With the extra sunshine I also start noticing things - dust, dirt, cobwebs and fingerprints YIKES! 

I'm pretty good at keeping on top of the house cleaning but when the horizontal blinks look "velvety" from the accumulation of dust I know spring is here and that is one of my first spring cleaning jobs I love to tackle head on. 

Our house has 24 horizontal blinds! I'm grateful for all the windows and natural light but geesh 24 blinds is a lot to clean! 

I've put together the following list to help make your spring cleaning a little easier.

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

1 - Norwex Dusting Mitt

This little baby ROCKS and I have the blinds to prove it. I used to dread dusting blinds. I've tried almost every gadget available and none of them work as well as this microfiber dusting mitt - nothing! If you don't have one, get one. It makes dusting blinds so easy and fast. I dust a few rooms at a time, toss it into the laundry and it is ready to go once again. No more dangerous chemicals or a gazillion paper towels - just a simple mitt that you put on your hand to wipe away the dust.

2 - Magic Eraser Your Floorboards

It doesn't get any easier than this people - a bucket of soapy warm water, a splash of vinegar mixed in and your magic eraser is all you need to get the floorboards in your house clean and dust free. These poor things take a beating all winter long and need a good scrub. Let the magic eraser work its magic as the grime and streaks wipe right off. (Be careful not to scrub a painted surface too hard or the magic will be too strong and cause the paint to rub off)

3 - Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Buildup on Glass

We have this wonderful glass enclosure for our shower - I have a love/hate relationship with the darn thing. It looks amazing when it is free of the soap build up but not so good when clouded with that nasty scum. I found a simple and easy trick to keep the buildup at bay - a used fabric softener sheet plus a few drops of water will do the trick every time. Just wipe the soap scum away and toss the fabric softener sheet away. 

4 - Use A Broom As A Long Distance Duster

Those beautiful high ceilings and chandelier lights look so pretty until those early spring rays of sunshine put a spotlight on the dangling cobwebs and dust in places that are hard to reach. All you need to do is grab your broom, a hand towel (preferably a rag) and a big rubber band. Put the hand towel over the top of the broom head and secure it by stretching the rubber band around the broom head and towel. This should give you just enough distance to easily and quickly swipe away those pesky cobwebs. 

5 - Clean Your Window and Slider Tracks with Vinegar

As I mentioned before we have 24 windows with horizontal blinds which means I have 24 windows (plus some doors and a slider) that are mounted on a track of some sort. After I clean the layer of velvety dust from the blinds and wash the windows it is time to clean the track. Using vinegar and Q-tips is the easiest way to get this job done. For detail instructions and pictures visit Ask Anna She gives great tips not only on cleaning the tracks but also how to get a streak free window. 

(please do not try to clean windows like this at home!!)

I wish you the best as you tackle your spring cleaning to-do list! If you have more tips to share I'd love to hear from you - please leave a comment with your tips and ideas.

Happy Spring!

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