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DIY - Make Your Own Seed Bombs

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Easy DIY Seed Bombs

Last year our kids studied Botany through the Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany Young Explorers Series textbook. They (and I) learned SO much! Our favorite part about the Apologia science books are the student notebooks.

I taught all three school age kids from the same textbook (grades 1st, 4th & 6th) and it worked out just fine because of these awesome notebooks! My younger student used the Junior Notebooking level and my two older kids used the regular Student Notebook.

These notebooks are full of pictures, space to take notes, draw diagrams, document your lab work and even a Bible verse for copy work that fits with the lesson being taught.

One of the labs required the kids to plant flower seeds but we live in Michigan so growing flowers in January doesn't work very well. That's when I came up with the idea for seed bombs - seeds we could get ready to plant in a creative, fun way and then use when the spring came.

Our grocery store already has packets of seed on display - just tempting us to get planting but I just don't want trays of dirt and seeds laying on my counter tops in March - this is just a recipe for disaster with my 4 year old and his curiosity under foot.

Maybe you and your kids have a little spring fever but like us live in a place where winter is still lingering around - now is a good time to have some fun with your kids and make seed bombs! Here is how we did it:

Seed Bombs


·       3-4 packages of various flower seeds
·         Recycled paper scraps such as newspaper, construction paper and  tissue paper - amount will vary depending on how many seed bombs you want to make so adjust accordingly (start with 4-6 sheets of scrap paper)
·         Bucket
·         Water
·         Blender
·         Strainer
·         Molds to press paper pulp into (empty cupcake tins work well)
·         Food coloring (optional)
·         Sponge

Tear the recycled paper scraps into small pieces until you have about 2 cups of paper pieces. You can make them colorful by using colored scraps of paper or a drop or two of food coloring. Put all of the scraps into your blender then add ¼ cup of water to the paper and 1-2 drops of food coloring. Pulse the paper and water together until the paper becomes a thick wet pulp not a soupy mixture. If it is too soupy add more paper pieces – if it is too dry add more water. 

Pour the wet paper pulp into the strainer over a bowl to catch the extra water. Let it drain for a few minutes gently pressing out water with your hands. 

Next pour 1 packet of seeds into the pulp mixture and mix. With your hands scoop out the paper pulp and squeeze the extra water out. 

Add a scoop or two of the paper/seed pulp into the mold. Press the sponge onto the seed bombs in the mold to absorb extra water. Press out as much water as you can with the sponge so that the seeds are not encouraged to begin germination.  Set the mold out to dry. 

Once the seed bomb is dry pop them out of the mold and store them in a dry dark place. If the seed bomb is kept dry the seeds will not germinate. They are now ready to be planted outside in spring weather or you can place them inside in a pot filled with potting soil and water regularly. 

More Great Ideas

You can use just about anything for a mold, we happened to use these silicone molds I had picked up for Valentine's Day. Once the seed bombs were dry they easily popped out of the molds. 

If you don't have a mold you could spread the seed/paper pulp mixture onto a edged baking sheet and roll it into a thin layer. Again you need to squeeze out at much water as possible. This will create seed bomb paper! 

My kids mixed the packets of seeds together so we had NO idea what kinds of flowers would grow form our bombs. They had a blast guessing as the flowers began to grow. One of the seed packets contained flowers that grew super tall (can't remember the kind) and were fun to see grow.

Easy DIY Seed Bombs

Seed Bomb Gifts

Seed bombs make great gifts too! With Easter and Mother's Day in the spring you could put the seed bombs in a cute little package with instructions on how to grow them. If you opt to make seed bomb paper you could cut it into any shape you want, attach it to the outside of a blank card, add a little ribbon and now you have a homemade card with gift included!

I'd love to see what you and your kids create! Please comment and share below.


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