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10 Awesome April Fool's Day Pranks To Do To Your Kids!

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I love playing April Fool's Day pranks on my kids! I've been coming up with fun pranks to test out on them for years and I can't wait to do it again. They are too busy with their everyday lives to remember this fun day is just around the corner so I like to "lie in-wait and then pounce" once the morning of April 1 rolls around. 

I feel giddy waiting for the calendar to flip to the new month!! hehehehe! 

Last year I got up early, made them breakfast and sat waiting at the table for their sleepy little heads to emerge from their rooms. The warm smell of fresh cooked oatmeal wafting through the house (with extra brown sugar) was enough to rouse them and send them to the kitchen table. 

Warm oatmeal on a cold, wet, Spring morning is such a delight....well that is until the first scoop of mom's special oatmeal revealed the first prank of the day! As that first spoonful was scooped up the milk mysteriously turned GREEN! What!! APRIL FOOLS!! They had no idea this was coming - and I love it! 

How did I do it you ask? Well, first I made real oatmeal (no pranks here) and mixed it with regular milk so it wasn't hard and lumpy. Before spooning it into their bowls I mixed a few drops of green food coloring into a glass of milk and then poured the colored milk into the bottom of their bowl. Next I scooped some oatmeal over the colored milk making sure the colored milk was totally covered. Simple and so much fun!

Their expressions are so priceless! But now after the first prank they are on guard - and I have to up my game. Next up - saran wrapped toilet paper! The poor child who has to use the bathroom first will be the victim of this silly prank.

Oh, my word! This is just so much fun!

Every year I put a little list together with some ideas and pick the ones I think will make the best pranks. To get you inspired I thought I'd put my list here on the blog. I'm not quite sure which ones I am going to do but rest assured there will be pranks all day long!

10 Awesome April Fool's Day Pranks To Do To Your Kids

1 - A Yummy Pan of Brown"E"s

from: Mrs Goffs Kinders

All of my kids have a huge sweet tooth and goodies don't last long around here! This would be fun to do as a prank but I think I'd have to up the game by either baking a small batch of real brownies or making a microwave mug cake brownie. The smell of chocolate baking would really make this prank seem even more real - that is until they open the lid and pull out a paper E! Genius!

2 - Fake Money Find

From: ifunny

This one will cost you a little $ but so worth it! All you need to do is trim a corner off of a dollar bill so that the amount of the bill is still showing. Tape the scrap of the money to a piece of paper and write a message for the person to read when they find their money. Hide the cut corner of money so that it is just sticking out from under something (book, computer, phone...). Sit back and watch your kiddo pull out the money thinking they just struck it rich only to find out they just got April Fooled!

3- Bubble Wrap Under Rugs

From: makeit-loveit
If you have hardwood floors or even laminate somewhere in your house I bet you have a rug! A few pieces of strategically placed bubble wrap under the rug is sure to make for a great April Fool's prank. I love this one - and we have hardwood floors - watch out gang, mom is going to get you :) 

4 - Nail Polish Spill Prank

From: laniebuck.blogspot
I have two pre-teen girls who love to paint their nails with nail polish. We've had a few spills happen and they know the trouble that this brings! So wouldn't it be fun to prank them with this one?? I can hear them saying "I didn't do it" already! 

5 - Fill Tip of Shoes With Toilet Paper

From: meet penny
Harmless yet hilarious! The weather here in Michigan is still cold enough so my kids are still wearing boots or tennis shoes - not flip flops or sandals. This one would be so fun to play on my boys who seem to be growing bigger by the day!

6 - Ice Maker Jelly Bean Surprise

From: whats cooking with kids
I'm always telling my kids to drink more water - which they do as long as it is ice water. I might have to pre-load the ice machine with a few pieces of candy or maybe Lego's or pom pom balls to prank them with this year. 

7 - Sweet Jello Drink

From: storypiece
A few clear glass or plastic cups filled with jello and a straw inserted before it hardens is all you need to pull off this prank. I just happened to buy some blue jello at the store yesterday so this one might be added to my list of pranks to pull this year!

8 - Add Googly Eyes to The Fruit

From: oh happy day
Googly eyes are just funny especially when stuck to non-living things like all the fruit in your fruit bowl! I think I would set them in the center of our table or kitchen island and see what kind of reaction I get from my family. Silly prank with big laugh potential.

9 - Oreo Toothpaste Prank

From: pranksters
I think this prank will even get my husband who just loves Oreo cookies. Open the Oreo cookie, scrape off the white cream, replace it with white toothpaste and put the two cookie pieces back together. Probably a good idea to keep a few "un-tampered" cookies handy for those who fall for this silly prank - they are going to need some chocolate to chase away the minty toothpaste.

10 - Draw a Moustache on Them While They Sleep

Folks, we have a WINNER! This is just too funny to pass up. I recommend washable markers so your poor little one doesn't have to spend the whole day looking silly or scrubbing Sharpie off of their face. Just make sure you are close by when they get a chance to see their faces for the first time. 

These pranks are not meant to be hurtful to anyone so please make sure you choose which ones will be handled well by the unsuspecting victim. Kids love to play with their parents and they love when their parents are silly - that is why April Fools Day has been such a success around our house over the years. 

Maybe you have some great pranks you have tried on your kids or family - I'd love to hear what you did and how they reacted. Please leave a comment sharing your experience!

Happy April Fool's Day

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