Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Spring Easter Bunny Kids Craft Ideas

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Does your family have Spring fever? We do - bad! The weather just can't seem to make up its mind - warm(ish) one day and freezing the next, sunny and bright then gray and cloudy, snow then rain - this cycle is maddening, yet hopeful! Hope in knowing that real spring weather is on its way.

I actually saw a robin in the tree outside of our office window the other day. Now there is a true sign spring is almost here, right?! The next day it snowed (blah!) and I had to go brush off the snow that covered the bird feed in our bird feeder. I just felt bad for the robin. 

Well even if the weather outside isn't quite Spring(ish) at least we can bring some spring of our own inside. How you ask? Crafting of course! 

My kids love crafting and I enjoy watching their imaginations grow. Sometimes just doing a few spring themed crafts gives them a little break from that awful case of Spring fever they have. We also like crafts that use everyday household supplies, are quick/simple and give the kids room to use their imagination to really make it their own. 

I put together a list of 5 bunny themed crafts that have inspired us and I hope will inspire you and your family as well. Happy Spring Crafting!

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5 Spring Bunny Kids Craft Ideas

1 - Foam Cup Bunnies 

crafts by amanda

2 - Plastic Spoon Bunny

by Krokotak

3 - Pipecleaner Bunny Whiskers

via a kailo chic life

4 - Plastic Easter Egg Bunny

via Tips Aholic

5 - Handprint Bunny

via Crafty Morning

I hope these cute, simple and SPRING filled bunny crafts have got your imagination and crafty side going! I know we are going to enjoy bringing spring inside through our spring crafting.

Have any spring crafts you just love and want to share? Please leave a comment or link to share.

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