Saturday, April 22, 2017

DIY Mini Greenhouse Tutorial

great spring activity to do with kids!

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Every spring my kids and I have enjoyed planting and watching our seeds grown in our homemade mini-greenhouses

Throughout the winter they collect seeds from some of the food we eat, like cantaloupe, pumpkins, apples and beans, and try to grow plants from them. We also make it a point to get some packets of seeds from the store just in case the ones we have on hand don't work.

We live in Michigan so the last day for frost can be hard to determine! In an effort to grow seeds but not let them die from a late frost we came up with a mini greenhouse to help protect the baby seeds. 

DIY Mini-Greenhouse For Kids

Here are the materials you will need:

I had the kids fill up each of the egg carton sections with potting soil then they poked their finger into the middle of the dirt to create a little hole. They sprinkled a seed or two into the hole then covered the seed with dirt and spritzed the soil with water. Make sure you don't flood the dirt/seedling.

After the seeds are planted in the egg cartons, fill the disposable tin pan with about 1 inch of water. Place the egg cartons in the tin pans and then put the clear plastic lid on.

You now have your very own mini-greenhouse!

I usually set our mini-greenhouses outside during the afternoon so the sun can warm it up and get those little seeds to germinate.

If there is a chance of frost I just bring the mini-greenhouses inside to stay warm at night.

Windy day? no problem - put a large rock on top of the plastic lid so that it doesn't blow off - you could even put a large rubber band around the entire pan + lid.

You don't need to open up the mini-green house very often since the water that evaporates will just accumulate on the lid and then fall back into the soil to keep it moist.

Once the plants are big enough and the risk of frost is not longer a problem you can start planting your seedlings into a garden or pots.

Since you used cardboard egg cartons that have been soaking inside your mini-greenhouse the cardboard by this time will be soggy and easy to tear. No need to throw away the egg carton or pull your plants out of the egg carton - they are biodegradable! Yeah!

Instead just tear apart each of the egg cups that contain the soil and seedling and plant it right into your garden.

Happy Earth Day everyone - now get out and start planting!!

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