Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Power of Chocolate...A Love Story

Once upon a time a little girl was given a beautiful chocolate bunny in her Easter basket. It was covered in shiny gold foil with painted eyes, whiskers and other whimsical details. It was a treasure of all treasures! 

The little girl, wanting to savor her treat made a plan as to how she would go about consuming the chocolate bunny. A nibble to the ears one day, then the feet the next and onto the tail were part of her well thought out plan. 

Carefully she unwrapped the foil from the ears revealing the smooth shaped chocolate. Sinking her teeth into the top she nibbled away until they were all gone. 

Wrapping the foil over the exposed chocolate bunny head, she placed the uneaten portion into the refrigerator saving it for her after school treat. Off to school she bounded wiping chocolate from the corners of her mouth.

Little did the girl know that this chocolate bunny would cause her mother such irresistible temptation. While left alone at home with only a baby to care for, the mother, smelling the faint chocolate aroma wafting through the kitchen after her daughter's early morning treat, was in a state of utter despair! Her resolve, quickly waning, left her completely as she pulled open the refrigerator door, unwrapped the chocolate bunny and took her first satisfying nibble of the cold, smooth, sweet chocolate. It was decadent. 

Resolving to nibble no more, the mother re-wrapped the chocolate bunny placed it back in the refrigerator and set about caring for the baby. 

However, the temptation to take another small bite returned and she found herself once again enjoying another bite of the chocolate bunny. This routine continued throughout the day until the time came for the little girl to come home from school.  

Leaping off the steps of the bus the little girl skipped happily to her house, opened the door and headed straight to the kitchen where she opened the refrigerator door to get her chocolate bunny. Looking around the shelves for her shiny foil covered bunny the little girl could not find what she was searching for. Tucked away in the back, behind the milk was a small lump of foil covering a chunk of chocolate that appeared to be the feet of what was once a bunny. Snatching up the lump of foil and chocolate the girl raced to find her mother and ask what had happened. 

The mother looked sadly at her daughter and confessed that she had in fact eaten the chocolate bunny. Her sad countenance and repentant heart moved the little girl to forgive her mother and offer the remaining lump of feet to her to eat. The little girl crawled up into her mother's lap and the two of them shared the last of the chocolate bunny together. 

The End.

The events of this story are based upon a real life event. 
The names of the characters have been changed to protect those involved, mainly the mother!

Moral of the story - Forgiveness is powerful but HIDE YOUR CHOCOLATE!

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