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10 Easter Tablescape Ideas

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Our Easter tradition has changed over the years to include a celebration with friends rather than an extended family party. A couple of years ago some close friends invited us over to their house after our Easter church service to have dinner - it was a blast!

Fast forward a few years and this Easter the friend celebration continues. We've added a few more friends and have changed locations a few times but the good food, friendship and fun has remained the same.

Our kids love it too -especially since the families we invite have kids their ages and the day is filled with friends and playing. This year is no exception. We have invited five families over this year to enjoy a good meal, spend time building relationships and playing hard (praying the weather is nice!!). Did I mention that this group consists of 16 (yep) kids!!! So of course I hope the weather is sunny so they can play outside.

With one week to go before the party I'm working on planning some of the details like the table scape, menu and kids games. Today though I wanted to share with you the amazing table scape ideas I've gathered. There are just so many beautiful ways you can decorate for spring and Easter! I also want to be sensitive to the budget so most of these ideas you could totally pull off by using what you have around the house and adding a few store bought (think Dollar Store) items.

10 Beautiful Easter Tablescape Ideas

This table scape incorporates the Easter eggs you colored (I hope) + a large chocolate bunny (which I hope you haven't already devoured!) to make the table look festive. I'm sure you could really get your kids to finish all of their veggies if you promise to let them eat the chocolate bunny after they finish! 

Did you notice those tin cans? I love decorating with empty (and clean) tin cans. I've used them in the past to hold silverware - one for forks, spoons and knives. To make them pretty I've even taped a piece of colorful scrap booking paper around the can which can be changed depending on the type of party (fall, summer, birthday...endless possibilities). 

This idea is so beautiful and powerful all on its own! If you wanted to dress it up a bit you could put a table runner under it or add some flowers and votive candles around it. This would be an easy to make DIY centerpiece that you could have your kids help create too. 

Being the practical girl that I am I can guarantee that this centerpiece would end up as roasted carrots the day after Easter! I love the organic look and the added calla lilies added to the top for an extra pop. 

Can't you just smell the sweet fragrance of hyacinths and other spring flowers when you look at this table scape? 

I think any shaped bowl filled with a little bit of shredded paper, topped with colorful Easter eggs could really make your table scape look beautiful. 

I actually used this similar idea at Christmas time only I used red candles to make it a Christmas theme, Any size glass bowl or vase looks lovely with split peas in them. If you want to make it more colorful you could add a ribbon or change the candle color. Definitely an easy and budget friendly idea. 

Such power and truth! This great Etsy shop has all kinds of table runners available  - check it out. If you like to DIY I think this would be a fairly simple project with minimal supplies or time needed. You could even do a smaller version to hang on your wall.

You know how the saying goes - "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket", well I think this should be the exception! Pastel speckled Easter eggs in an antique wire basket topped with baby's breath makes for a lovely centerpiece and table scape.

Succulents are so easy to care for and look pretty all dressed up in these cute pots for Easter. They are fairly cheap to buy so you could give small potted ones that you used as your table scape away as gifts to your guests when they leave.

I pray you have a wonderful Easter celebration with your friends and family! Drop me a note to tell me what you did for your Easter table scape - maybe you tried something not included on this list - I'd love to hear from you!


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