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5 Easter Ham Recipes

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Easter is just around the corner and one of the most popular main dishes to serve is ham. I know this because my husband, who works for a large food service supplier and distributor told me so - oh and he is in charge of ordering (replenishment) this item(s) for the company. Ham gives him a headache this time of year!

We are hosting a big Easter dinner at our house and of course I will be serving ham! I've made ham before - you know the spiral sliced, glazed ham you get at the store? They are super easy and some even come with their own packet of glaze you just add water, boil on the stove and pour over the ham during the last 15-30 minutes of baking. Easy right?

Well this time I'd like to mix it up a little and try a new baked ham recipe. I've been scouring cookbooks and pinterest for some inspiration and here are some ideas I've come up with:

5 Easter Ham Recipes

Source: wonkywonderful

Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

This is a simple recipe for a glaze that you spread on the ham during the last 20 minutes of baking. I love that it is easy and uses ingredients you already have on hand. And doesn't it just look so YUMMY!

Source: carlsbadcravings

Apple Cider Maple Glazed Ham

Real maple syrup is the secret of this recipe. This recipe suggests brushing the glaze over the ham before you start baking it, wrap it tightly in foil and then bake until the ham reaches the internal temp of 110 degrees F. Just before it is done baking uncover the ham brush another layer of glaze on and crank up the heat so that the glaze caramelizes in the higher temp. Looks amazing! 

Crockpot Brown Sugar and Pineapple Ham

I love using my crockpot - especially when I am preparing a big meal for a dinner party. Not only does it free up space in my oven for other things to cook but it makes for some juicy, flavorful ham! After 6 hours in the crockpot this ham is ready to be served. 

Old Fashioned Ham With Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze

It doesn't get any more traditional than this for a holiday ham recipe. The combination of honey, mustard, brown sugar and apple cider create a delicious glaze. Just like your mom used to prepare ham right? 

Coca-Cola Glazed Ham With Brown Sugar & Dijon

This recipe is for a bone-in ham NOT spiral sliced ham. Using this for a spiral sliced ham will result in dried out ham and a ruined dinner! But it is an amazing way to prepare a bone-in whole ham. I've make Coke roasts before and they were wonderful so I'm sure using it for a ham glaze will give the same results. 

Next thing to think about is what to do with the leftovers (if there are any)! Don't throw away the ham bone - it makes such a wonderful base for broth that you can use in soups like split pea or bean soup. I even freeze the bone and pull it out later to cook for a few hours just because the broth is so dang good! 

Got any good ham leftover recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you - please leave a comment with your ideas. 

happy holidays,

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