Friday, February 24, 2017

A Letter to My Child

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Dear Son / Daughter,

What a thoughtful child you are to leave the next bathroom user a WHOLE square of toilet paper. Such kindness should be recognized. How about a prize or a trophy? I mean you could have totally been a punk and left nothing, but deep down inside you showed how much you truly care for the rest of your family by this one good deed.

With such a jam packed schedule and time demanding deadlines I completely understand how you just couldn't find a spare second to hassle with replacing the empty roll with a new roll. What with remembering to flush, wash your hands and turn off the light - I'm just glad you were able to take care of your own business and get on with your day.

Modern technology is just so daunting! I don't know how you survive in this high tech fast paced world. I mean just look at that fancy toilet paper holder - pretty intimidating right? Just go back to focusing on improving your texting skills. Goodness knows how important that skill set is.

When you feel ready for the big stuff (like the toilet paper holder) I will be here to help instruct you on how this little "do-dad" works. It's kind of tricky but I have full confidence in you! You are a quick learner and the best part is you can practice this over and over until you get so good at it you won't even think about it - you will just do it, without even thinking about it. Imagine that! It will be such a proud moment for your momma that I get choked up just thinking about it.

Well best of luck my dear one, and oh, yeah, I hope that one little square doesn't come back to bite you in the butt!


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