Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Best Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

See that yummy muffin in the picture above...yep that one? Well it lasted about 5 seconds before one of my kids grabbed it, took a big bite and asked, "oh, were you taking a picture of this muffin?". 

"No, no, no I was eating it with my camera, new diet thing I'm trying!" was my snide reply. Said child, feeling badly, returned the muffin to the napkin with the bitten side facing the back and said, "sorry mom it just smelled so good I couldn't wait any longer." 

What can I say to that! Other than YOUR WELCOME! Because these pumpkin muffins are great! They are soft, full of pumpkin flavor and the crumble sends them over the top! These do not last long in my house (as you can see from when just happened). 

They are super easy to make and I'm sure you have most of these ingredients on hand in your kitchen already. So what are you waiting for - get baking!

Click HERE to get the recipe.

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