Friday, February 17, 2017

10 Awesome Daddy Daughter Dates

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The first man your daughter will fall in love with is her daddy. This will be one of the most important relationships she will ever have. A positive daddy daughter relationship will have a huge influence in your young daughter's life. 

Start setting aside time just for you and your little girl when she is young. Let it become a routine - something you do on a regular basis. 

My husband has been doing this with our two daughters for years. They both look forward to and love their daddy dates. Sometimes these dates are fancy like attending a daddy daugher dance or going out for dinner and sometimes he just takes them to a park to shoot hoops. To be honest, they don't really care what he does with them as long as he gives them his undivided time (no electronics/phone) and listens to them. 

Here is a list of 10 Awesome Daddy Daughter Dates you could do with your daughter (or moms could suggest their husbands do with their daughters)

1. Go Bowling - who doesn't love bowling? It doesn't require any expert skill level to just have fun. If your daughter is still little (under 5) most bowling alleys have bumpers in the lanes and some even offer bowling ball ramps so she doesn't have to heave a 8lb ball down the lane. 

2. Go Out For Dessert - this can be a more economical way to eat out somewhere without an actual meal. Many times my husband and daughters will have dinner at home with me and their brothers and then afterward go out for dessert with daddy. Some places like Applebee's have dessert shooters that are a small portion full flavor "mini" dessert, which usually costs less too compared to a full size dessert. 

3. Take A Bike Ride - we are fortunate to have a few great bike trails close by that all of my children love. A relaxing bike ride on one of these quite trails provides a great opportunity for conversation and impromptu races! One of these days the girls are going to be faster than my husband!

4. Geocaching - if you have never tried this before you are really missing out! This activity, which can provide some serious adventures is also a great way to spend time together hunting down a hidden cache box. If you really get into this you could even start hiding your own cache box and register it online for others to find. 

photo by: AJARI
5. Ice Skating or Roller Skating - my husband was deathly afraid to try ice skating with our oldest daughter but with her continual prodding he finally caved and took her ice skating. They had a blast! Since both were pretty wobbly they spent a lot of time holding hands to keep their balance and laughing at each other when they did hit the ice. Great memories were made and continue to happen each time they ice skate together.
6. Walk on the Beach - living in Michigan is such a blessing! We live pretty close to THE lake (Lake Michigan) and with the nice sandy beaches, boardwalks and piers there are plenty of places to explore. My girls love building sand castles with their dad too. Even in the winter the beach can provide a great place to spend time on a daddy daughter date looking and climbing over  the enormous frozen blocks of ice. 

7. Attend a Play or Ballet - My husband loves to take the girls on these kinds of dates where they all get dressed up. It just really makes the girls feel extra special. He doesn't get to do this very often because it can be quite expensive but once in awhile a splurge date like this is OK. Not only are they spending time with their dad but they are exposed to something artistic and cultural that they don't get to do or see every day.

8. Frisbee Golf - Once again this activity requires very little outside of a Frisbee (unless you are really into it and upgrade to the "fancy" Frisbees) and some tennis shoes. There are courses all over, many you can find by simply looking online. It is a great way to get outside, get some exercise and spend some quality time with your little girl. 

9. Paint Pottery - This date idea is sure to bring out the creative side in both your daughter and her daddy. Typically you purchase a piece of "naked" pottery, pick out colored glazes to paint on the pottery then leave the piece at the studio for a few days so they can fire it in a kiln. The peaceful, quite atmosphere at these places provide plenty of opportunity to bond on a daddy daughter date. 
10. Visit a Petting Zoo - my daughters love animals and visits to local farms that allow you to pet the animals is a big treat. When the girls were little, being with their daddy gave them the security and confidence to approach the larger animals (goats, cows, horses) knowing that daddy was right there keeping them safe. Now that they are older then just love spending time petting and feeding the animals with their dad. Relaxed conversation just seems to flow when you are around animals!

I hope these ideas inspire or encourage you to start adding your daddy daughter date to your calendar. Making memories with your daughters is not only good for her but you too! 

I'd love to hear about the daddy daughter dates you have already done, or maybe you have a great idea to add to the 10 awesome ideas above - please just leave them in the comments for all to see. 

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