Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day - Take it or Leave it?

I'm kind of a "luke warm" Valentine enthusiast. I love doing special projects with my kids for the holiday but when it comes to the full blown - dinner, cards, gifts, and on and on, well I'm just not that into it.

Unless there is chocolate involved! My dad has spoiled my two younger sisters and I since we were little girls. Every year, even when we lived far away, a heart shaped box of Russell Stovers chocolates showed up at our door or was hand delivered. Yum!

Before the flavor of each piece was posted on the lid of the heart shaped box or a little paper insert diagram of the flavors it was eat at your own risk. Heaven forbid you bit into one of the flavors that were AWFUL! As a kid we used to poke our fingers through the bottom of each piece to find out what kind of candy we were going to eat. Then began the fun game of "trade your yucky chocolate for someone else's". My middle sister loved the coconut and my baby sister liked the caramels. Me, I loved the nougat, caramel and the chewy pink one. 

So friends, Happy Valentine's Day, I guess. Enjoy some chocolate!

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